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The Stereo Chair: ‘The Perfect Listening Environment’ that was more 80s than the 80s.

1986.xx.xx - Photo - The Stereo Chair.pngIt was a totally original piece of furniture that oozed pure, unadulterated Bond villain. 

The 96FM Stereo Chair.

“It was one of those cute ideas that we built, never been done before and I don’t think that anyone would ever do it again,” 96FM Managing Director Gary Roberts recalled.

“We did a deal with one of the retailers where we wanted to build The Stereo Chair.”

The station wanted something different, where someone could sit in a chair and have a listening experience.

The custom leather chair was kitted out with top of the line Marantz audio equipment where the listener could slip in a CD or tune into the radio.

“It had these fantastic speakers which wrapped around your ears,” Roberts said. 

“It was the perfect listening environment.”

It took a while for the chair to be built to look as good as the music it pumped out, including having the leather completely redone because the seams were running up and down, rather than across.

“It might look a bit dated now,” Roberts said, stating the complete obvious.

“It looks like it belonged on an old rocket ship - it was the ‘80s for God’s sake.

“Whoever won it either still has it or it’s probably down the dump somewhere.”

Stereo Chair Entry Form